about_imageElsabe Smit is a well-known intuition coach, author, clairvoyant, and public speaker.

Elsabe helps people who lack clarity, vision and purpose to remove blocks, develop their intuition and achieve their goals.

What qualifies Elsabe to help you?
Here is her story in her own words, from her latest book A Simple Guide to Life: "Question: Why would anyone need a simple guide to life? Answer: Because life is simple – once you have mastered the basic rules.

For the first half of my life I would have disputed this statement. My life was very complicated. My mother hated me from before I was born, because she believed that my arrival in this world ruined her dreams of the future. No matter how hard I tried, I was never good enough for her. I did not understand what I had done wrong, but I knew I was wrong.

She blamed her drug and alcohol abuse on me, and ignorant, idealistic social and mental health workers believed her. She could only be cured if I changed. I believed them when they told me that, and did not at the time realize how much truth was in that statement – but not in the way they meant it.

As a result of this emotional burden, I married a man who was also an alcoholic, and who targeted me with the same emotional abuse. It took me years to break away from that, and to see how both situations were designed for my benefit.

Of course during this entire time I loathed myself – not because I had reason to, but because I followed their script. Loathing one-self is what one does – who needs a reason?

All this time I was questioning myself, the world, my place in the world, my faith (and at times lack of faith), and I was angry. Life was so unfair – it was a daily struggle.

Add to that a nervous breakdown which proved that putting physical distance between you and your problems is not possible – you carry that emotional baggage wherever you go.

Being a mistress was a short relief – it felt incredibly good to be so spoilt and the focus of so much attention – until I realized that was another form of emotional abuse. So I jumped from the pedestal right into the pit of more self-loathing.

Society did not help me to deal with any of these issues. I was bullied at work by people who had less experience and qualifications than I had – that was against the rules, but it seemed I was the only one who bothered to read those particular rules.

Of course God was always lurking at the edges – but not really helpful. He did not exactly light up my life when I asked a church minister for help while my family was falling apart. The minister reminded me when my next tithe would be due and prayed a lame and ineffectual prayer for me – and my family continued to fall apart.

Reading the Bible was like listening over and over again to the people I had left behind – I could smell the alcohol and see the wagging fingers of damnation. The tiny slivers of salvation inbetween the gore and blood were not quite what I was looking for.

Being a single parent with an ex-spouse that was physically, emotionally and financially absent was not a joy ride. And the abuse continued. Successes were flukes and had nothing to do with me being a loving mother. Failures proved what kind of mother I was – and I failed all the time.

There was no replacement spouse – or even a significant other. Who wanted me anyway? I had enough baggage to fill a few large caravans, and a dependent child.

In my 30’s, when a mentor encouraged me to enter a “Mrs” beauty competition, I did not even respond – I thought he was being very cruel. I was ugly – the fact that men noticed and complimented my figure and face and intelligence was quite irrelevant. And the fact that my own anger then chased them away escaped me – I was too angry at them for rubbing my nose into my failures with their flattering attention.

No person can live like that.

When my personal journey through hell was crowned with unemployment, it was the cherry on the top – the straw that broke the camel’s back. That was one of the best, most rewarding, most terrifying experiences I have ever had. That set me on the path to discovering how simple life really is. That is what I will share with you – how to live life the way it was meant to be, and not the trials and tribulations.

Now that you have read about some of my ordeals, try this exercise: Imagine we all get the opportunity to put our troubles in a large bin bag, neatly tie the bag and leave it in the middle of town. Then we can shop around at leisure until we find a bin bag with troubles that suit us perfectly. Which bag will you pick?

Yes, hearing someone else’s story does make our own stories sound quite lame in comparison. However, your story is no less painful once you have heard mine. And that is what has intrigued me all my life. How do I take the pain out of my story? That is what my work is about – how I dealt with my pain, and how you can use the same knowledge and methods to deal with your pain.

My journey towards recovery started with me discovering that I am clairvoyant. In my culture being psychic was not an option. Religious people from “other” churches had visions – those were the people who could not control themselves and made a mockery of the bible. And of course drunks had visions of a different kind. Which group did I want to associate with before I was going to “stop this nonsense” of being psychic? Even yoga was seen as a sinful activity.

The first leg of my journey towards recovery was to understand what being psychic means. Some of the information I use was repeated in numerous readings that I did for clients. I noticed that specific themes were channelled over and over again, and I began to realize that there is some universal truth that I was accessing. However, I wanted explanations and kept searching until I discovered logical, rational explanations for these truths.

This is not a journey that ends when you get the answers. Answers result in questions, which result in more answers. This is where I am now, and I am still travelling – but my bags now contain a toothbrush, pyjamas and much space for what I discover on my travels and bring back with me. There is no excess baggage.

In my coaching and presentations I share some information that has been provided to me in psychic readings and my own research over many years."

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