Are you stuck in a relationship that has reached a dead end?
Is a past relationship still haunting you?
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I am Elsabe Smit, The Intuition Coach, and this is my story:

When I was a young woman, I was expected to marry early and have children soon. I followed the cultural pattern, believing that I had no other options.

It took me years to gather my confidence and courage, and leave a very unhappy marriage that nearly cost me my life.

It took me even longer to recover from the emotional abuse that still did not stop, even though I was divorced.

I found comfort with a married man, and discovered very quickly that although the man was different, the issues were the same and I had to deal with those issues because they would not go away by themselves.

When I thought I was much wiser and more mature, I met a lovely man who turned out to be not lovely at all. I ended the relationship abruptly and for very good reasons. Although I felt devastated and deeply hurt, I did manage to recover quickly and like myself again.

How did I do this?

I focused on using various life teachings that I am now sharing with you. These teachings quickly gave me perspective and helped me to move on and have a happy life. I can even say in all honesty that today I am grateful for all my previous partners, because they helped me learn so much about myself.

I have written a book about the approach that helped me recover from all these relationships and feel very good about myself.

Now this book is available to you as well!

All you need to do is pick a format, make a small investment in your future happiness, and you will receive answers and solutions that will make your heart sing again.

Here is what the book can do for you:

  • Help you understand the purpose of your relationship.
  • Explain how your partner thinks.
  • Define true Love and why it is so elusive.
  • Find your motive for staying in a destructive relationship
  • Provide a step by step solution for ending the relationship.
  • Take away your guilt and resentment.
  • Help you discover the value in any relationship - even a bad one.
  • Stop those nightmares and sleepless nights.
  • Explain why it is OK for your relationship to end.
  • Discover why you have stayed in a destructive relationship until now.
  • Explain the true meaning of gratitude.
  • Discover how gratitude releases you from your relationship.
  • Give you a vision of your future.
  • Show you how to find the strength to move on.
  • Teach you to Love the face in your mirror again.
"You can feel the compassion in her words, how awesome is that. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, positive response. Kim, USA, 31/12/2009"

"Thank you so much for the help, my dear friend. I could say thanks you a million times or at least in several different languages but it still wouldnt get the point across. Thank you. Kevin, USA 25/3/2010"

"That makes alot of sense. I'm going to sit down and talk with him tonight and see were we stand as for the wedding. I love him and we'll make it work no matter waht. Thanks. Stacey, USA 6/4/2010"

"Makes perfect sense! Nikita, USA 22/5/2010"

"That is an amazing answer and brings up lots of "stuff" I can think about further........I've always dived in and not thought things through and this has given me the chance to take my time and not panic.
I've spent a lifetime in pain......and it will take me time, but how lucky am I to have someone so beautiful in my life to learn and share it with. :-) Thank you so much ~ Katie, USA 4/8/2010"

"thank you SOO much!!! :) i was wrong, ur not smart. ur BRILLIANT!!! Nicole (15), USA 24/5/11"

"She made me think things through and guided me to the right answer for me. Now I hope its the right answer for him. Margie (52), USA 23/06/11"

"If I could hug you and give you a million dollars for your response, I would! I really think that your suggestion will work and I am confident that I am disiplined enough to execute it. Thank you so, so much for such a thoughtful response. You are truly appreciated. Karen (25), USA 15/7/11"

book_imageWould you like to read the book? Then invest 6.97 in the book by clicking on "Add To Cart" here and get going.

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More Testimonials
“Recently I have had Elsabe’s wisdom and experience on ending a relationship. I must admit I have never ended a relationship without feeling guilt, remorse or a sense of devastation, but this time Elsabe helped me to see that the relationship had come to its natural end and I was able to let go and move on with love in my heart for my ex partner and no feeling of having to make amends or justify my actions. My ex partner has let me go too. WE came to a mutual understanding that we had some wonderful times together and that we had both seen positive changes happen in each other over the years we were together.

Elsabe has helped me accept that relationships don’t last forever and once we they have served their purpose there is only pain if we chose to hang on to them ‘past their sell by date’.

I feel remarkably different now like a weight has been lifted.

Thank you Elsabe for your valuable time wisdom and insight. Your message is one which I know others will be blessed to hear.

Debbie Miller, Reading, UK”

Would you like to rather listen to the book?

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